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  • Artificial Intelligence, Authentic Insight

    New product development (NPD) is both a science and an art. Cedra™️, our Al analyst, is how we fuse the two.

    Our NPD framework
  • Empathy is more than our model – it's our mindset

    A key driver of our rapid growth is the love and loyalty we earn from typically underserved markets. We owe this to a deep-rooted culture of empathy and humanity that runs through everything we do.

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In their words...

“I’m happy that this product exists today for folks like us who care for a family member with dementia.”

- Robin, Day Clock

“This is a game changer! All the other disposable and steaming things I bought have now been replaced!”

- Gladwell, Glider

“So many products in the athletic category promise you an edge... but rarely deliver. This is a product that delivers as advertised. Amazing.”

- American Lifetime, Massage Roller

NPD Framework:
AI Data meets Human Empathy

New product development (NPD) is both a science and an art. Truly intelligent data is key to our framework for developing new products and our proprietary AI analyst Cedra™ is key to amassing that data. 

  • 1

    Beginning with the science part of our approach, Cedra mines millions of data points and statistics on industry, trends and technology to identify potentially underserved markets.

  • 2

    Cedra then helps us understand the significance of specific user challenges, habits, language and desires.

  • 3

    Matching the data to real human research gives us clear direction on creating brands that achieve meaningful solutions and earn long-term loyalty.

Many legacy companies grab data and run, but we know AI has its limits. We consider that an asset.