A herd of human innovators

  • Zal Shemtov

    Founder, CEO
  • Juan Muller

    Brand Manager
  • Merav Leviten

    Head of Product
  • Harrieth Catama

    Marketplace Manager
  • Shea Sanchez

    Social Media Manager
  • Sara Olson

    Industrial Designer
  • Joyce Santos

    Customer Care
  • Mika Goldman Yakobi

    Head of Marketing
  • Nathalie Vered

    Head of Finance
  • Stephie Robinson

    Customer Care
  • Zohara Menahem

    Head of Operations
  • Alise Noreika

    Executive Assistant
  • Rebeka Goba

    Personal Assistant

Interested in joining the herd?

We're always on the lookout for talented creators looking for a challenge. Drop us an email and let us know what you excel at and why you'd like to join.